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Brooke Davis: [to Owen] You know, not many people can handle a ' Brooke Davis'. Owen: [to Millicent, commenting her look] You're the prettiest girl in the room. Mia's performing tonight and she's really nervous. Nathan Scott: I realized how boring bars can be without alcohol. Brooke Davis: [approaching Nathan and Haley] Tric needs to establish a ' No Mom' rule. You'll be safely locked in a home by the time you got 35. [to Nathan] Haley James Scott: I gotta get backstage, I'll see you in a bit. [Peyton looking inquiringly] Brooke Davis: [shouting, pointing at her mother on the dance floor] Tell me I don't look like her when I dance! Lucas Scott: Now, you like Peyton and Lindsay, right? Brooke Davis: Hey, what happened with you and Milly? I hand deliver a hot girl to you and you're worried about work? Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: Listen, I'm having enough problems with older ladies running my life. Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: I've kinda been seeing my boss. Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: Sleeping with? Peyton Sawyer: [entering Brooke's store] Your mom's a bitch! Peyton Sawyer: She went to the recording studio and freaked out Mia who is MIA, imagine that, and now I don't have an artist. In case you have to hear it, you have zero business sense! You're a talented designer, Brooke but you don't spin the straw to gold. Truth be told, you're not smart enough to do it.

Brooke Davis: [to Millicent] Did you hear that, Milli? Brooke Davis: [to Peyton, referring to Owen] I bet you we have sex right on this bar! Peyton Sawyer: Okay, if you tell me that Lindsay's a bitch. Marvin ' Mouth' Mc Fadden: Uh, I just don't think it's good timing right now. Brooke Davis: I'm sorry Peyton, I'll talk to her. Peyton Sawyer: [running outside after Victoria] Hey, Ice Queen! Victoria Davis: And did my daughter pay you to say that? And we're supposed to believe she's just friends with both of them? [Nathan walks over to Haley and nods] Brooke: Oh My God!

She was the it-girl, but with lack of guidance throughout her high school years and constant promiscuity, it took some time for B. Yet still being in love with Lucas after she found out about the Peyton-Lucas kiss, Brooke set her feelings aside for the boy she loved and confided in her best friend.

No matter the situation, Brooke was always there for Peyton.

Because my relationship with my daughter is none of your business.

Peyton Sawyer: No, it is, when you tear her down and call her stupid.

[first lines] Brooke Davis: Alright guys, bring it in. Peyton Sawyer: [approaching Brooke at the bar] I need a new office. Haley James: [sarcastically] I'm thinking of transferring...

Haley James Scott: [holding a shot] I guess one shot won't kill us, huh! Owen: [to Brooke] Well, looks like you future self's calling. Brooke Davis: Yeah, the one you have right now is far too big and free. Okay, fine, whatever, but for the record, you look exactly like her when you dance! [walks away] Brooke Davis: [pauses, looks at her mother dance] [to herself] Brooke Davis: I do not.

As you can see from the basketball hoop outside the house, this one is now occupied (unfortunately not by P. While my boyfriend was taking a picture of me in front of the house, a guy drove by with his window down and says, "That's not actually house; it just looks a lot like it!

And last but not least; we have 'Five Minutes in the Elevator'. Lucas: You know, I have this picture in my room, of the team, from your 500th win. Then they shooed away the bums, then they beat and bashed the queers, turned away asylum-seekers, fed us suspicions and fears. It's funny there was no one left to notice when they came for us. Yeah I could laugh this off, but what about the girl who can't?

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