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22-Jul-2017 16:31

Your grandparents all attended the traditional party, your father and I both attended the party and so will you. She hasn't chosen my clothes since I was 12 but she marched me into this shop over in Colbyville I'd never seen before, talked to the owner and then told me to put on what that woman pulled off the rack. Most weekend nights the parking lot would be full and polka music would be echoing across the fields that surrounded it.

My God, it's nearly skin-tight, cut to the waist in front and almost shows my butt-crack in the back! Youth who were raised on i Pods and MP-3 players cringed at the idea that their parents still listened to the Yowpers and bounced around a dance hall to the strains of an oompah band or, worse yet, accordions. For people who are, like Kirsten, four years in the university is an excellent idea.

I thought it was only my mother who'd lost her mind, but it sounds like yours is just as bad.

I have to wear a push-up bra under it and totter around in heels so high I'll probably get a nosebleed.

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