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Companies like Emerson Electric, Kraft Foods, and others around the world depend on Schneider Industries to liquidate factory equipment, hold auctions for commercial industrial inventory, and turn commercial real estate properties into liquid assets. When you work with Schneider Industries, you work with a team of leading professionals dedicated to managing surplus assets.

Our proven ability to help companies manage asset liquidation and property auctions allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to work for you.

Be it, the entire contents of a household or just a collection, we are interested in purchasing your assets.

Our household liquidation services are often required by family members, realtors, bankers and attorneys to prepare a house to be sold.

Please keep in mind that you will most likely have some merchandise of value and we can use this product to help offset your cleanout costs.

Ideal Trading handles the entire cleanout process, and we provide additional value by recommending which assets may translate into savings for the homeowner.

And then you might be able to pay off only "It really depends on the type of debt and if it will free up some cash each month," says Ryan Michler, registered representative for Mc Partland Group Financial Services in St. "Your goal is just not to eliminate debt, but to get cash flow once again."For example, Michler says, if you are liquidating assets to put toward your home loan, but not paying it off, it will not free up extra cash since your payment amount doesn't change and will do nothing to improve your current financial situation."However, if it is an open line of credit or a revolving account and you're liquidating ,000 to pay off a significant portion, say ,000 in debt, then you are freeing cash and you can begin reducing the rest of the debt or saving again," he says.

Michler adds that strapped consumers should also consider these factors when deciding whether to liquidate assets to pay off debt: George Rapp hadn't had a raise in at least three years when his employer was bought out in 2008.

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This is often lost on our competition who assume all is garbage.

Non-profit organizations that purchase federal assets thereby gain the ability to manage those resources in a manner consistent with their missions, rather than relying on the indirect method of lobbying the government to treat those assets in ways they desire.

Conservation groups, for example, can gain the ability to maintain biodiversity in sensitive wildlife habitats and they can eventually choose to resell some of their holdings in order to finance the purchase of more environmentally significant natural resources.

It is common for companies to have surplus assets such as equipment and commercial real estate.

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However, if left unused, they might depreciate in value.As ownership and control of the formerly government-owned assets move to the private sector, profit-motivated business owners and entrepreneurs gain incentives to employ those assets in ways that maximize their economic value.