Lil wayne trina dating nivea who is brock lesnar dating

27-Aug-2017 15:44

Nivea stayed with Lil Wayne after he had a son with his ex-girlfriend in 2008.

On June 9, 2009 it was rumored that Nivea and Lil Wayne were engaged and expecting a child together.

The news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone since back in May, Weezy previewed a song called “Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune-Up,” referring to Milian (who also goes by Tina Turn Up).

Christina Milian just broke up with her fiancé Jas Prince.

I struggle with deciding when to answer or ignore the constant speculation about my private life, because I feel like that doesn’t belong to anybody but me.

Chris Brown: Natalie Mejia, Rihanna, Lil Mama, Keshia Chante, Teyanna Taylor. I went to to find out about Jessica White, who I was writing a post on, but then got drawn in.

Akon: Susan Owori (not pictured), Gina Wild, Rozonda Chilli, Mina Zia Karkaragh.