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This rate-independent lag time in TSH recovery is an evidence of a “persistent memory” of the history of dysthyroid states the hypothalamus–pituitary–thyroid (HPT) axis has encountered after the thyroid hormone perturbations have faded out, a phenomenon termed “hysteresis.” Notwithstanding its perplexing nature, hysteresis impacts upon the interpretation of thyroid function tests with sufficient regularity that clinicians risk misdiagnosing and implementing erroneous treatment out of ignorance of this aspect of thyrotropic biology.Mathematical modeling of this phenomenon is complicated but may allow the euthyroid set point to be predicted from thyroid function data exhibiting strong hysteresis effects.In some cases, if a kill is not made within a set time period, Zombies "starve" and are removed from the field of play.

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Zombies, on the other hand, are unarmed and must tag Humans to gain a kill.We prioritised entrepreneurs over investors, since it’s a lot harder to start a company than to fund one.We particularly prioritised startups with amazing exits and people who had big, game-changing roles at the tech companies.The ultimate goal of the game is for either all Humans to be turned into Zombies, or for the humans to survive a set amount of time.

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Humans can defend themselves using any item that is approved by a moderator and thereby deemed safe and appropriate. Zombies (also called Hv Z for short) is a live-action game predominantly played at US college campuses.